Video Pop post

I had the pleasure of opening for Rainbo Video near the beginning of the summer which was ironically towards the end of his tour. Rainbo Video also runs a blog called Video Pop and included me within a recent article, There are downloads available within these linksfrom my upcoming full length due in 2010 and "kites" from my 7" split with GK.



Sobou Shuu will be joining us on the first 10 day leg of the tour and the rest of the west coast dates will be Boar and Swim Ignorant Fire.

I hope to see you soon......



VEYOU "Garden"

Drone-Blo-No-Duo VEYOU has their second release "Garden" available from Pilgrim Talk on 10" lathe.

VEYOU is the collaborative efforts of Stephen Holliger and Nick Hoffman (Scissor Death Records, Pilgrim Talk Records, Katchmare).

There will be the first VEYOU performance on Dec. 27th at The Metal Shaker.

PT2 VEYOU - Garden 10" lathe

A-side in mono, B-side in stereo.
Basementronics by Nick Hoffman and Stephen Holliger.
30 copies

$18 ppd US


Boar Winter Collab/Split

Chicago's first snow means alot of things...... dont forget to buy your grammy something for X-mas, Hand in that Research Paper you've been ignoring all semester, wipe your ass!! for gods sake wipe that ass.....
This Winter will be the first Swim Ignorant Fire tour.

I met Alex from Boar near the beginning of this summer at Noise Shock II in East Moline, IL at Mixtapes. We both had a very good weekend of fellowship, eating corn dogs, puking in grass, and jumping in the brownest river I've seen called the Mississippi.

Luckily, after cutting my foot open in the river there was no lockjaw or tetanus involved
and at that moment as the first drop of blood dripped through the dock into the river we decided to tour together. Amidst this summer of planning dates and such, We started file-swapping and exchanging song ideas for a possible collaboration to have ready for this tour. We've been writing for this collaboration all summer and it has finally come to fruition. This is probably one of my most aggressive releases so far and crosses alot of genres, its not just a chunk of one thing. There's alot more vocals on this release than I had thought, but makes an interesting blend of metal vocals driving or leading this quirky-quasi-noise-metal? album.

This Boar collaboration will be released through Alex and I's own label: Feeding Cotton Records and Nail in the Coffin Records (NITCO) in East Moline, IL and will be ready for purchase on tour.
1 Drawing Circles with Chalk
2.He’s calling your name
3. If I see another Warhol bag, I’m gonna throw up
4. Cutting down your high horse
5. Blowing smoke up the cowboys ass
6. Run like you’re told
7. Shit rolls down Holy Mountain
8.Save Me
9. Shelter
10.Bruise Festival
11. Ash
12. The classic, “I have a show, but no material” move
13.Celine Dion Handwriting
14. Awkward conversation til we

Tracks 4,11 recorded as Boar
Tracks 2,14 recorded as Swim Ignorant Fire
(all other tracks recorded as a collaborative effort)

100 copies



During Thanksgiving festivities I was able to catch up with an old friend / bandmate of mine whom I have worked together since I was 16 to collaborate on more material. Our last project was called I Know No Means Yes and we were a drum and bass two-piece, but alongside this we always had electronic tendencies; but only our first show we used hardware to integrate our rock format with our electronic affinities.
This impromptu session was strictly an electronic set and after a bottle of rum and plenty of wine there is plenty of material to choose from for our upcoming 2010 release, and here's the first jam of the night...



7" split with GK from Seattle finally pressed and finished
through God Sags His Pants Records!!!
-100 copies

A. Swim Ignorant Fire
1. Kites
1. My R1 was Jammed
2. Hockey Fight

I met Spike (GK) somewhere in the east coast, while we were both touring with separate projects roughly 2 years ago. We exchanged music and have kept in touch ever since, This split has been in the works since the summer of 2008 and am so exited to have it finally available. Spike was in a band called Big Black Cloud from Michigan and they have an independent label God Sags His Pants Records, and this 7" will be available through them or ....us (Spike and I).

The split includes an additional CD insert for the rest of the split:
1. Nebraska (Esprit de l'escalier)
2. Kites
3. Onomonapei Soup
4. If He Died, Atleast He Tried
5. Jeans with High Heels

GK's myspace
God Sags His Pants Records