VEYOU - Carcass in the Mist Review

"Half machines and half atmosphere, the pair capture most of what’s right with experimental music in the time it takes most folks to decide they’ll scrap their set." - AnimalPSI


Final Tweaks on the upcoming Archaic Smile 7" are in progress; while custom artwork by Pete Bialecki are now being printed.. 
Here is a sneak peak at how things are molding:

The new VEYOU is now available through Pilgrim Talk
mp3 can be found there.


The Archaic Smile

I will be playing all new material set for the upcoming EP, Weddings & Funerals on July 25th in between bands at the new venue, Ultra Lounge.

A new recording project has been in embryo over the last few months and is finally coming together;
all source material coming from this release has been stemmed from a mushroom induced collaboration of skin on a kitchen countertop. More and More max patches have been built in processing these sounds to get an oddly amusing turnout and the project has been appropriately titled, The Archaic Smile.
More details coming soon......


Carcass in the Mist

New Veyou Tape is now available through Pilgrim Talk

Veyou is a duo collaboration between myself and Nick Hoffman (Pilgrim Talk / Scissor Death) and this tape commemorates our only live performance at Metal Shaker, which was last winter while I was on tour with Boar.

The bar and room itself becomes an accompanying instrument along with this desolate and dynamic performance: bathroom door creaks, winter coughs, and glass/bar chatter - It really pulls you into to not only focus on the music but the activity inside the room.

audio samples and more info available at pilgrimtalk.com
50 copies - silkscreened covers by NH
$6 ppd US



"Last Days" is now available through Scotch Tapes in Canada!

The Count Brent Split was dubbed last week and is also available through Lazy Roar Records.