Added the new project, HUGHES to bandcamp - It is now up for free download.


New Album, "Belly of the Whale" is set to be released on cassette through Rok Lok Records and as a net release through EFS this spring 2013.

My new recording project, HUGHES just finished mastering our first 4 song EP and will be out on cassette sometime this Spring. Check out, "Kentucky Velvet".


Brooklyn Vegan showed some love for the new album last week.

I re-mastered and uploaded my whole discography (beginning in 2005) on the Bandcamp page, I've been wanting to do this for a long time just to show the progression of styles into what SIF has now become. Feel free to explore and download it all for free.

Recorded in Audacity, sprinkled heavily with samples sourced from pornography, exorcisms, family videos, evangelists, my cat and more. This album and Haircuts were recorded around the same time - so it has a lot of the same lo-fi noise glaze from Douglas Raber that was in Haircuts. Doug also plays trombone in a few songs and features his son Sebastian on triangle throughout the record. This release is best broken into fourths: one quarter noise, a quarter folk satire, quarter ambient, and quarter just plain WTF. This album explores more into noise-based territory and is easily influenced by bands like XiuXiu with tracks like DammDoo and Calloused Penis. This self titled explores just as much folk satire with songs like "the first time you have sex" and "Raab to Columbia" but still contains some key ambient tracks that were originally performed live first and then recorded such as: Quilts, Pheremones and 2 Months.
This is why we cant have nice things is more of an experimental electronica release, with lots of synthesizers, drum machines, melodicism, and acoustic guitar. A lot of samples recorded from my shitty Sprint phone, Glen Miller, broken turntables, voicemails, evangelists, and self help videos. Besides the first two tracks this album stays in more of an experimental nature with uncertain pop tendencies vulnerable to be abandoned at any minute.
Recorded all on a friends 4-track, had no idea what I was doing at the time, learning as I go. Very Vulnerable album with a lot more lyricism and prose than on any other release. Experimental, and all over the place - similar to the 2007 self titled album. Occcasionally melodic but mostly deconstructing soundscapes broken up by nursing home noise tracks, hardcore, folk-pop,Yamaha drum loops and maniacal fits of prose as fast as they can come out of my mouth. Very vulnerable album.